Day #11: Dei Verbum 19-20

Following yesterday’s passage, we finish up Chapter V on the New Testament in the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation.

Getting even more explicit, paragraph 19 nicely summarizes The Historicity of the Gospels, the 1964 document from the Pontifical Biblical Commission which reaffirms that the Gospels are historical and “faithfully hand on what Jesus Christ, while living among men, really did and taught for their eternal salvation until the day He was taken up into heaven.”

Paragraph 20 then gives amention to the other New Testament writings, which are also inspired, of course.

Here are the Scripture citations:

Article 19:

Acts 1:1

Luke 1:2-4

Article 20:

Matt. 28:20

John 16:13

And the footnotes:

Article 19:

(Due to the necessities of translation, footnote 2 follows footnote 3 in text of Article 19.)

2. cf. John 14:26; 16:13.

3. John 2:22; 12:16; cf. 14:26; 16:12-13; 7:39.

4. cf. instruction “Holy Mother Church” edited by Pontifical Consilium for Promotion of Bible Studies; A.A.S. 56 (1964) p. 715.


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