Day #15: Lumen Gentium 1-2

After two weeks in Dei Verbum, we now move into the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen GentiumLumen Gentium is second only to Gaudium et Spes in terms of length.  So we will be reading through the eight chapters of this document up through mid-December.

As with most all Church documents, the Latin title comes from the first few words of the document.  In this case, Lumen Gentium comes from “Light of the Nations”.

Chapter I on the “Mystery of the Church” begins by beginning to place the Church in the context of salvation history.

On the Vatican website, they have two parallel sets of footnotes (onefor Scripture citations, one for everything else).  My book copy of the documents puts the Scripture citations in parentheses within the text.  You can note the difference between the different citations on the Vatican website with the use of the asterisk.  The Scripture citations only use numbers while the regular footnotes use a number with an asterisk (*).

Here are the Scripture citations:

1 Cf. Mk. 16:15.

2 Col. 1:15.

3 Rom. 8:29.

And the footnotes:

(1*) Cfr. S. Cyprianus, Epist. 64, 4: PL 3, 1017. CSEL (Hartcl), III B p. 720. S. Hilarius Pict., In Mt 23, 6: PL 9, 1047. S. Augustinus, passim. S. Cyrillus Alex., Glaph in Gen. 2, 10: PG 69, 110 A.

(2*) Cfr. S. Gregorius M., Hom in Evang. 19, 1: PL 76, 1154 B. S Augustinus, Serm. 341, 9, 11: PL 39, 1499 s. S. Io. Damascenus, Adv. Iconocl. 11: PG 96, 1357.


2 comments on “Day #15: Lumen Gentium 1-2

  1. Nic says:

    I’ve been trying to convince my local community of men to do this for the year of faith. I just found your blog today and I’m abundantly blessed by all your work. I love how systematically you have arranged everything. I hope to convince a few more people to join along with your excellent v2 trifold, but I can at least say for myself that I’ll be moving along with you! Pax Christi!

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