Day #17: Lumen Gentium 5

Continuing onward in our introductory section of the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, today we reflect on that quintessential image of the Kingdom of God.  The Church on earth is “the initial budding forth of that kingdom.”

Here are the Scripture citations:

18. Mk. 1:15; cf. Mt. 4:17.

19. Mk. 4:14.

20 Lk. 12:32.

21 Cf. Mk. 4:26-29.

22 Lk. 11:20; cf. Mt.12:28.

23 Mk. 10.45.

24 Cf. Acts 2:36; Heb. 5:6; 7:17-21.

25 Cf. Acts 2:33.

No footnotes today.


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