Day #30: Lumen Gentium 18

Today we begin Chapter III of the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church.  We now turn our attention specifically to the hierarchical nature of the Church (i.e. the clergy).  And it starts with the bishops and the pope.  Article 18 takes the opportunity to reiterate the teaching on papal primacy from Vatican I.

Here’s the Scripture citation:

136 Jn. 20:21.

And the footnotes:

(1) Cfr. Conc. Vat. I, Sess. IV, Const. Dogm. Pastor aeternus. Denz. 1821 (3050 s.).

(2) Cfr. Conc. Flor., Decretum pro Graecis: Denz. 694 (1307) et Conc. Vat. I, ib.: Denz. 1826 (3059)


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