Day #44: Lumen Gentium 33-34

Today’s passage from the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church continues our reflection by looking at some of the ways the laity participate in the life of the Church, in particular with regards to their participation in Christ’s priestly office.

Here are the Scripture citations:

197 Eph. 4:7.

198 Cf. Phil. 4:3; Rom. 16:3ff.

199 1 Pt. 2:5.

And the footnotes:

(2) Cfr. Pius XI, Litt. Encycl. Quadragesimo anno 15 maii 1931: AAS 23 (1931) p. 121 s. Pius XII, Alloc. De quelle consolation, 14 oct. 1951: AAS 43 (1951) p. 790 s.

(3) Cfr. Pius XII, Alloc. Six ans se sont ecoules, 5 oct. l9S7: AAS 49 (19S7) p. 927. De mandato et missione canonica, cfr. Decretum De Apostolatu laicorum, cap. IV, n. 16, cum notis 12 et 15.


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