Day #47: Lumen Gentium 37-38

Today we finish the chapter on the laity in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church.  In article 37, we look at the relationship between the laity and the hierarchy.  In the very brief article 38, we wrap things up with a call to the Christian laity to “be to the world what the soul is to the body.”

Here are the Scripture citations:

211 Cf. Heb. 13:17.

212 Cf. Gal. 5:12.

213 Cf Mt. 5:3-9.

And the footnotes:

(6) Cod. Iur. Can., can. 682.

(7) Cfr. Pius XII, Alloc. De quelle consolation, 1. c., p. 789: Dans les batailles decisives, c’est parfois du front que partent les plus heureuses initiatives..Idem Alloc. L’importance de la presse catholique, 17 febr. 1950: AAS 42 (1950) p. 256.

(8) Cfr. l Thess. 5, 19 et 1 lo. 4, 1.

(9) Epist. ad Diogneum, 6: ed. Funk, I, p. 400. Cfr. S. Io.Chrysostomus, In Matth. Hom. 46 (47) 2: PG 58, 78, de fermento in massa.


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