Day #66: Lumen Gentium 68-69

After a month and a half, we finally reach the end of the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church.  This final section of Chapter VIII on Mary is titled “Mary the sign of created hope and solace to the wandering people of God ”  That pretty much sums up these articles.  Mary is a sign of hope for all of us, and the esteem she is held in by even our “separated brethren” is encouraging.

Here is the Scripture citation:

304 Cf. 2 Pt. 3:10.

And the footnote:

(24) Cfr. Pius XI, Litt. Encycl. Ecclesiam Dei, 12 nov. 1923: AAS 15 (1923) p. 581. Pius XII, Litt. Encycl. Fulgens corona, 8 sept. 1953: AAS 45 (1953) pp. 590-591.


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