Day #94: Sacrosanctum Concilium 106-111

Following yesterday’s reading on the purpose of the Liturgical Year, today’s reading from the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy completes that reflection with a look at what changes should be made.

Sunday is to be lifted up and its importance emphasized (article 106).  The liturgical seasons are to be “preserved or restored” (article 107).  Christological feasts are to be emphasized and take precedence (artilce 108).

The connection between Lent and both Baptism and penance is to be emphasized (articles 109 & 110).  And finally, the celebration of saints’ feast days are not to overshadow “the feasts which commemorate the very mysteries of salvation” (article 111).  This leads to the revision of the calendar which involves the celebration of many saints’ feast days being left off the calendar or utilized only in more local areas.

Here is the Scripture references:

1 Peter 1:3

No footnotes.


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