Day #105: Gaudium Et Spes 11-12

We now begin Part I of II in the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World.

Article 11 introduces Part I with a look at how our faith equips us to read the signs of the times and provide answers to the questions that people are asking.

Article 12 begins Chapter 1 on the Dignity of the Human Person.  If we are to understand the times we live in and the problems we face, we have to understand the human person.  So this is where the Council naturally begins.  I love this quote:

But what is man? About himself he has expressed, and continues to express, many divergent and even contradictory opinions. In these he often exalts himself as the absolute measure of all things or debases himself to the point of despair. The result is doubt and anxiety. The Church certainly understands these problems. Endowed with light from God, she can offer solutions to them, so that man’s true situation can be portrayed and his defects explained, while at the same time his dignity and destiny are justly acknowledged.

Here are the Scripture citations:

Ps. 8:5-7

Gen. 1:27

Gen. 1:31

And the footnotes (which are also Scripture citations):

1. Cf. Gen. 1:26, Wis. 2:23.

2. Cf. Sir. 17:3-10.


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