Day #116: Gaudium Et Spes 27-28

In today’s reading from the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, we look at respect for human life.

Article 27 speaks to the necessity of treating our neighbors with dignity under all circumstances.  Article 28 speaks of treating with respect even those with whom we disagree.

Here are the Scripture citations:

Matt. 25:40

Matt. 5:43-44

And the footnotes:

8. Cf. Jas. 2:15-16.

9. Cf. Luke 16:18-31.

10. Cf. John XXIII, encyclical letter Pacem in Terris: AAS 55 (1963), p. 299 and 300.

11. Cf. Luke 6:37-38; Matt. 7:1-2; Rom. 2:1-11; 14:10, 14:10-12.

12. Cf. Matt. 5:43-47.


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