Day #144: Gaudium Et Spes 62

Today we conclude Part II’s Chapter 2 in the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World and our discussion of culture.

Article 62 speaks to the difficulty sometimes present in bringing together culture and Christian teaching.  The Council looks at this difficulty as an opportunity to get people thinking and asking the important questions, which can then serve to deepen faith.  Therefore, the Council encourages involvement in art and the sciences.

Here are the footnotes:

12. Cf. John XXIII, prayer delivered on Oct. 11, 1962, at the beginning of the council: AAS 54 (1962), p. 792.

13. Cf. Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, n. 123: AAS 56 (1964), p. 131; Paul VI, Discourse to the artists of Rome: AAS 56 (1964), pp. 439-442.

14. Cf. Second Vatican Council, Decree on Priestly Training and Declaration on Christian Education.

15. Cf. Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Chapter IV, n. 37: AAS 57 (1965), pp. 42-43.


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