Day #193: Dignitatis Humanae 12-13

Today we continue on in the Declaration on Religious Freedom.

Following yesterday’s elaboration on the example of Jesus and the Apostles, article 12 follows that same thread as picked up by the Church from the time of the Apostles on down through today.

In article 13, we find the Church asserting for Herself that religious freedom that has been spelled out throughout the rest of the document.

Here are the footnotes:

31. Cf. Leo XIII, letter “Officio Sanctissimo“, Dec. 22 1887: AAS 20 (1887), p. 269; idem, letter “Ex Litteris”, April 7 1887: AAS 19 (1886), p. 465.

32. Cf. Mark 16:15; Matt. 28:18-20, Pius XII, encycl. “Summi Pontificatus“, Oct. 20, 1939: AAS 31 (1939). pp. 445-446.

33. Cf. Pius XI, letter “Firmissiman Constantiam“, March 28, 1937: AAS 29 (1937), p. 196.

34. Cf. Pius XII, allocution, “Ci Riesce”, Dec. 6, 1953: AAS 45 (1953), p. 802.


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