Day #199: Ad Gentes 5

Today we read again from Chapter I of the Decree on the Mission Activity of the Church.

As is frequent in the Conciliar documents, we continue on in a sort of chronological snapshot of salvation history.  In the reading for the previous two days, we looked at the Persons of the Trinity.  In article 5, we take a look at the Apostles’ continuation of the Trinitarian mission in the world, and down through history through the Church and the successors of the apostles.

Here are the Scripture citations:

Mark 3:13; cf. Matt. 10:1-42

cf. Matt. 28 18

cf. John 20:21

Matt. 28:19 ff.

Mark 16:15ff

Eph. 4:16

cf. Col. 1:24

And the footnote:

13. Tertullian, “Apologeticum,” 50, 13 (PL 1, 534; CChr. 1, 171.


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