Day #202: Ad Gentes 8

Today we read again from Chapter I of the Decree on the Mission Activity of the Church.

“Christ and the Church, which bears witness to Him by preaching the Gospel, transcend every peculiarity of race or nation and therefore cannot be considered foreign anywhere or to anybody.”

Article 8 speaks to how the Church’s missionary activity fits with human nature.  We all need Jesus.  We all need salvation.  So the Gospel message applies to everyone without exception.

Here are the Scripture citations:

Mark 1:15

cf. John 3:18

Rom. 3:23

And the footnotes:

20. Benedict XV, Maximum Illud (AAS 1919, 445): “For as the Church of God is Catholic and is foreign to no people or nation…” Cf. John XXIII, Mater et Magistra: “By divine right the Church belongs to all nations . . . since she has as it were transfused her energy into the veins of a people, she neither is nor considers herself an institution imposed on that people from without…. And hence whatever seems to her good and noble that they confirm and perfect” (namely those reborn in Christ) (AAS 1961, 444).

21. Cf. Iraeneus, “Against Heretics” III, 15, n. 3 (PG 7, 919): “They were preachers of truth and apostles of liberty.”

22. Antiphon O for Dec. 23.


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