Day #216: Ad Gentes 23-24

Today in the Decree on the Mission Activity of the Church, we begin chapter 4 on Missionaries.

Article 23 introduces the chapter by speaking of the important role that missionaries play in preaching the Gospel.  Article 24 discusses what Missionaries need to do: to dedicate their entire life and even be willing to shed their blood.

Here are the Scripture citations:

cf. Mark 3:13

1 Cor. 12:11

cf. Acts 13:2

Rom. 15:16

Gal. 1:16

Phil. 2:7

1 Cor. 9:22

cf. Eph. 6:19; Acts 4:31

Matt. 11:29ff.

cf. 2 Cor. 6:4ff.

2 Cor. 8:2

cf. 1 Tim. 4:14; Eph. 4:23; 2 Cor. 4:16

And the footnotes:

1. Dogmatic constitution, “Lumen Gentium,” 17.

2. “Institutes” refer to orders, congregations, institutions and associations which work in the missions.

3. Cf. Pius XI, “Rerum Ecclesiae” (AAS 1926, 69-7); Pius XII, “Saeculo Exeunte” (AAS 1940, 256); “Evangelii Praecones” (AAS 1951, 506).

4 Cf Benedict XV, “Maximum Illud” (AAS 1919, 449-450).


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