Day #237: Presbyterorum Ordinis 10

Once again we look to the Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests.  Today’s reading in the chapter on the Ministry of priests starts off the final section of that chapter which covers “The Distribution of Priests, and Vocations to the Priesthood.”

As the mission of priests in conceived broadly as being for the whole Church,  priests ought to go where they are most needed irrespective of culture and nationality.  Towards this end, article 10 makes some practical recommendations to facilitate this by calling for a revision of the rules regarding incardination and excardination and even the establishment of international seminaries.

Here are the Scripture citations:

Acts 1:8

1 Cor 9:19-20

And the footnotes:

59. Cf. Heb 7:3.

60. Cf. Lk 10:1.


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