Day #241: Presbyterorum Ordinis 14

Today in the Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests, we finish the section in Chapter III on “the vocation of priests to the life of perfection.”

Article 14 closes out the section with the reminder that the priest must ultimately follow Christ’s example and strive to do the will of God.  Burnout is always a danger and simply doing the external acts will not be enough for priests to grow in holiness.  They must always seek to do the will of God.

Here are the footnotes:

21. Cf. Jn 4:34.

22. Cf. 1 Jn 3:16.

23. “May it be a duty of love to feed the Lord’s flock” (St. Augustine, Tract on John, 123, 5: PL 35, 1967).

24. Cf. Rom 12:2.

25. Cf. Gal 2:2.

26. Cf. 2 Cor 7:4.


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