Day #261: Apostolicam Actuositatem 14

In today’s reading from the Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, we finish up Chapter III and the look at the various places where the laity live out their obligation towards the mission of the Church.

After looking at the social side of things (article 13), in article 14 we look at the laity’s role with regards to civil authoiryt on the national and international level.

Note that there is a typo on the Vatican website that incorrectly identifies the article number as “10”.  Just look for the article in between 13 and 15.

Here is the Scripture citation:

cf. Phil. 4:8

And the footnote:

10. cf. John XXIII, encyclical “Mater et Magistra” May 15, 1961: A.A.S. 53 (1961) pp. 448-450.


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