Day #268: Apostolicam Actuositatem 23-24

Today in the Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, we begin Chapter V on “External Relationships.”

Article 23 begins the chapter with reference to the preceding one by saying that, whether the laity’s work is individual or group-based, none of it occurs in a vaccuum.  All the work ought to be directed by the Church.

Article 24 starts to flesh out the relationship between the laity and the hierarchy in this work.

Here are the Scripture citations:

cf. Acts 20:28

And the footnotes:

1. cf. Pius XI, encyclical “Quamvis Nostra,” April 30, 1936: A.A.S., 28 (1936) pp. 160-161.

2. cf. Sacred Congregation of the Council on the dissolution of the diocese of Corrientes, Argentina, Nov. 13, 1920; A.A.S. 13 (1921) pp. 137-140.


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