Day #275: Optatam Totius Introduction, 1

Today we begin our eleventh document, the Decree on Priestly Training.

We have already read through the document on the ministry and life of priests.  With this document, the council Fathers take up the topic of the training and formation of priests — which is obviously of critical importance to the life of the Church.  The preface introduces the document by emphasizing just this important nature of priestly formation and states that this is necessary for all priests.

Article 1 (which is also Chapter I of the document) further specifies that each country must take up this task and apply the general principles about to be laid out in their own locales.  In short, no priest is overlooked by this document.

Curiously, the footnotes do not appear on the Vatican website’s version of the text, though there are footnotes in the print editions of the documents.  This is likely just a typographical oversight.


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