Day #289: Optatam Totius 20-21

In today’s reading from the Decree on Priestly Training, we complete Chapter VI on “The Promotion of Strictly Pastoral Training.”

It’s important to note that there is a typographical discrepancy between my print versions of the documents and that which appears on the Vatican website.  On the Vatican website, article 20 contains two paragraphs.  In the print versions, those two paragraphs are separately numbered as 20 and 21.  So if you are reading through online, you will only read article 20 today and finish the document tomorrow.

Article 20 speaks again of the need for priests to utilize the advances of “pedagogy, psychology, and sociology” in being able to relate to others and minister to them.

Article 21 (paragraph 2 of article 20 in the online text) finishes the chapter by pointing out that seminarians receive pastoral training not just by hearing but by doing.  Thus, the Council Father encourage them to get real world experience putting these things into practice.


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