Day #290: Optatam Totius 22, Conclusion

Today we complete our reading of the Decree on Priestly Training.

As I noted yesterday, there is a typographical discrepancy between the online version and the print version of the document.  My numbering refers to the print versions.  If you are reading online, you will be reading article 21 (Chapter VII) and the Conclusion.

In Chapter VII, the document looks at “Training to be Achieved after the Course of Studies.”  This could be considered priests’ ongoing professional development.  Just as with any of us, we can always go deeper in our spiritual journey.  Priests are no exception.

Finally, the Conclusion calls to mind that Vatican II is picking up the thread that was started at the Council of Trent and exhorts those studying for the priesthood to recognize the importance of what is entrusted to them (the salvation of souls) and to take seriously the contents of this document.


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