Day #306: Christus Dominus 6-7

Today we continue in our reading from the first chapter of the Decree Concerning the Pastoral Office of Bishops in the Church.

Artilce 6 speaks of how a bishop ought to be concerned with the health of the whole Church, not just his own diocese.  In this way, he can foster the missionary activity of the Church.

Article 7 concludes this first part of Chapter I with a special call for bishops to help their brother bishops who are suffering,

Here is the footnote:

7. cf. Pius XII’s encyclical letter, Fidei Donum, April 21, 1957: A.A.S. 49 (1957) p. 27 ff.; also cf. Benedict XV’s apostolic letter, Maximum Illud, Nov. 30, 1919: A.A.S. 11 (1919) p. 440; Pius XI’s encyclical letter, Rerum Ecclesiae, Feb. 28, 1926: A.A.S. 18 (1926) p.68.


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