Day #307: Christus Dominus 8-10

Today we complete the first chapter of the Decree Concerning the Pastoral Office of Bishops in the Church by reading it’s second section on “Bishops and the Apostolic See.”

Article 8 speaks alternately of the power that belongs rightly to each bishop for his own area, but then also of that authority which belongs to the pope.  In article 9, the Council Fathers call for a reform of the Roman Curia — those offices that help the Pope and exercise certain functions in his name.  Article 10 asks that this reform include using people from all parts of the world, including more diocesan bishops and also laity where appropriate.

Here is the footnote:

8. cf. Paul VI’s allocution to the cardinals, prelates and various officials of the Roman curia, Sept. 21, 1963: A.A.S. 55 (1963) p. 793 ff.


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