Day #312: Christus Dominus 17-18

Today in the Decree Concerning the Pastoral Office of Bishops in the Church, we continue our look at diocesan bishops.

Article 17 touches on the the themes found in Apostolicam Actuositatem and calls bishops to encourage the laity in taking up their missionary work in the Church.  Article 18 speaks of the bishop’s responsibility for the pastoral care of those who experience transient periods of life and thus do not have the stability of a regular parish environment.

Here is the footnote:

15. cf. St. Pius X’s motu proprio, Iampridem, March 19, 1914: A.A.S. 6 (1914) p. 174 ff.; Pius XII’s apostolic constitution, Exul Familia, Aug. 1, 1952: A.A.S. 54 (1952) p. 652 ff.; Leges Operis Apostolatus Maris, compiled under the authority of Pius XII Nov. 21, 1957: A.A.S. 50 (1958) p. 375 ff.


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