Day #327: Christus Dominus 42-43

Today in the Decree Concerning the Pastoral Office of Bishops in the Church, we continue to look at the cooperation of bishops with each other.

In today’s reading, we look at the third and final section of this chapter where the Council Fathers examine “Bishops Having an Inter-Diocesan Office.”  Article 42 speaks of the necessity of having some bishops take on certain roles for “joint ventures” amongst dioceses of a region.  Article 43 asks for the establishment of a military vicariate in eaqch nation.

Here are the footnotes:

1. cf. Consistorial Congregation’s Instruction to Military Ordinariates, April 23, 1951: A.A.S. 43 (1951) pp. 562-565; Formula Regarding the Conferring of the Status of Military Ordinariates, Oct. 20, 1956: A.A.S. 49 (1957) pp. 150-163; Decree on Ad Limina Visits of Military Ordinariates, Feb. 28, 1959: A.A.S. 51 (1959) pp. 272-274; Decree on the Granting of Faculties for Confessions to Military Chaplains, Nov. 27, 1960: A.A.S. 53 (1961) pp. 49-50. Also cf. Congregation of Religious’ Instruction on Religious Military Chaplains, Feb. 2, 1955: A.A.S. 47 (1955) pp. 93-97.

2. cf. Consistorial Congregation’s letter to the cardinals, archbishops and bishops of Spanish-speaking nations, June 27, 1951: A.A.S. 43 (1951) p. 566.


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