Day #346: Orientalium Ecclesiarum 1-2

Today we move on to the penultimate document of our reading plan: the Decree on the Catholic Churches of the Eastern Rite.

These Eastern Catholic Churches are not to be confused with those Eastern Orthodox Churches who do not acknowledge the primacy of the Pope.  The Easttern Catholic Churches are in full communion with the Catholic Church.  But they do not always operate in exactly the same way as the Latin Rite.

Article 1 introduces the document by affirming the Council Fathers’ great esteem for the history and traditions of the Eastern Churches.

Article 2 starts of the first chapter on “The Individual Churches or Rites” by making explicit the fact that the differences present between the Western Church and the Eactern Churches do not equal division.  There is a unity even with the diversity.

Here are the footnotes:

(1) Leo XIII, Litt. Ap. Orientalium dignitas, 30 nov. 1894, in Leonis XIII Acta, vol. XIV, pp. 201-202.

(2) S. Leo IX, Litt. In terra pax, an. 1053: Ut enim; Innocentius III, Synodus Lateranensis IV, an. 1215, cap. IV: . Licet Graccos; Litt. Inter quatuor, 2 aug. 1206: Postulasti postmodum; Innocentius IV, Ep. Cum de cetero, 27 aug. 1247; Ep. Sub catholicae, 6 mart. 1254, proem.; Nicolaus III, Instructio Istud est memoriale, 9 oct. 1278; Leo X, Litt. Ap. Accepimus nuper, 18 maii 1521; Paulus III, Litt. Ap. Dudum, 23 dec. 1534; Pius IV, Const. Romanus Pontifex, 16 febr. 1564, 5; Clemens VIII, Const. Magnus Dominus, 23 dec. 1595, 10; Paulus V, Const. Solet circumspeata, 10 dec. 1615, 3; Benedictus XIV, Ep. Enc. Demandatam, 24 dec. 1743, 3; Ep. Enc. Allatae sunt, 26 iun. 1755, 3, 6-19, 32; Pius VI, Litt. Enc. Catholicae communionis, 24 maii 1787; Pius IX, Litt. In suprema, 6 ian. 1848, 3; Litt. Ap. Ecclesiam Christ;, 26 nov. 1853; Const. Romani Pontificis, 6 ian. 1862; Leo XIII, Litt. Ap. Praeclara, 20 iun. 1894, n. 7; Litt. Ap. Orientalium dignitas, 30 nov. 1894, proem.; etc.


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