Day #350: Orientalium Ecclesiarum 9-11

Today in the Decree on the Catholic Churches of the Eastern Rite, we finish the third chapter on “Eastern Rite Patriarchs.”

In this section, the Council Fathers speak again of the honor to be bestowed on the patriarchs and how “their rights and privileges should be re-established in accordance with the ancient tradition of each of the Churches and the decrees of the ecumenical councils.”  In other words, they have authority in their rite.

The Council Fathers further apply all of this to major archbishops who are the leaders of their own rite but are not considered patriarchs (article 10).  Further, they open the possibility of erecting new patriarchates as the need arises (article 11).

Here are the footnotes:

(11) Cfr. supra, nota 8.

(12) Cfr. Synodum Ephesinam, can. 8; Clemens VII, Decet Romanum Pontificem, 23 febr. 1596; Pius VII, Litt. Ap. In universalis Ecclesiae, 22 febr. 1807; Pius XII Motu proprio Cleri sanctitati, 2 iun. 1957, can. 324-327; Syn. Carthaginen., an. 419, can. 17.

(13) Syn. Carthaginen., an. 419, can. 17 et 57; Chalcedonensis, an. 451, can. 12; S. Innocentius I, Litt. Et onus et honor, a. c. 415: Nam quid sciscitaris; S. Nicolaus I, Litt. Ad consulta vestra, 13 nov. 866: A quo autem; Innocentius III, Litt. Rex regum, 25 feb 1204; Leo XII, Const. Ap. Petrus Apostolorum Princeps, 15 aug 1824; Leo XIII, Litt. Ap. Christi Domini, an. 1895; Pius XII, Motu proprio Cleri sanctitati, 2 iun 1957, can. 159.


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