Day #354: Orientalium Ecclesiarum 24-26

Today in the Decree on the Catholic Churches of the Eastern Rite, we begin the final chapter on “Relations with the Brethren of the Separated Churches.”

Article 24 introduces the section by acknowledging the “special duty” of Eastern rite Catholics to promote Christian unity due to their closeness with the Eastern Christians who are separated from communion with the Holy See.

In article 25, the Council Fathers emphasize the ease with which a separated Eastern Christian can be welcomed into full communion.

Article 26 speaks of the “common worship” with separated Eastern Christians and in what manner it could take place.

Here are the footnotes:

(29) Ex tenore Bullarum unionis singularum Ecclesiarum orientalium catholicarum.

(30) Obligatio synodalis quoad fratres seiunctos orientales et quoad omnes Ordines cuiuscumque gradus tum iuris divini tum ecclesiastici.

(31) Haec doctrina valet etiam in Ecclesiis seiunctis.

(32) S. Basilius M., Epistula canonica ad Amphilochium, PG. 32, 669 B.


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