Day #355: Orientalium Ecclesiarum 27-29

Today in the Decree on the Catholic Churches of the Eastern Rite, we conclude the final chapter on “Relations with the Brethren of the Separated Churches.”

This section speaks of the common “participation in things sacred.  Article 27 opens the door for separated Eastern Christians to receive the sacraments in certain circumstances and also for Catholics to receive the sacraments in Eastern Churches with valid sacraments (again, under certain circumstances).

Here are the footnotes:

(33) Fundamentum mitigationisconsideratur: 1) validitas sacramentorum; 2) bona fides et dispositio; 3) necessitas salutis aeternae; 4) absentia sacerdotis proprii; 5) exclusio periculorum vitandorum et formalis adhaesionis errori.

(34) Agitur de s. d. communicatione in sacris extrasacramentali, Concilium est quod mitigationem concedit, servatis servandis.


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